About the company


Years of experience

ExpoBanapri S.A is a successful company destined for export

We are dedicated to the purchase, sale and marketing of bananas, plantains, cocoa beans, and other agricultural products, covering the highest quality standards, with a clear philosophy of social responsibility, always committed to the environment and welfare of our workers.


Export and commercialize, responsibly and efficiently, products of recognized quality in the agricultural market, demonstrating reliability and productivity, satisfying in each of our processes, all the needs, and demands of our clients.


To become a leading company in the export of agricultural products. To be considered one of the companies with the largest acquisition in the banana and cocoa sector, capable of satisfying the most demanding customers and supplying most of the local and international market. To be recognized for the reliability of our services and our commitment to the mutual growth of clients and suppliers.

We have our own brands of fresh fruits, “LIGIA FRUIT” and “DON ROCHI”, of great durability, quality and flavor.